How to import

First create a new empty calendar. Then make sure to import whatever you are importing into that calendar. 

The import process may also give you an option to create a new calendar while importing. This works too. It doesn't matter which way you do it - as long as you keep each calendar's data in its own calendar.  

Here's a short video showing creating a new calendar on an iPad.  Watch the bottom left corner for the clicks:


Here's the Google instructions page:


You can import to as many calendars as you like. You can edit the calendars because they are yours. If you make a mistakes, you can just re-import them into a new calendar.

Once you get a few different calendars set up you can watch this video on how to see them all at once (it's for Android but similar to iPhone):  


Weird or Duplicate Entries

The easiest thing to do is keep all your calendar data in separate calendars. Then you can just delete them if they become a problems.

If you find your Android Calendar app has duplicate entries, or other weird problems, you can reset it by unlinking from the main Transit Calendar. This might include "unsubscribing".

Then clear the calendar data cache:

Go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications

Press the menu button and choose "filter"

Select "ALL"

Go to "Calendar Storage" click on it. This should delete all the calendar data on your device.

Press "Clear data"

Now relink to the Transit Calendar, or let it/help it Resync or Refresh.

See this page for more info:   support.google.com/calendar

calculation etc.

The data for this calendar is calculated with Solar Fire. The data is hosted by  Google.

Interpretations are 'out-of-the-box' from Solar Fire. Only spelling and grammar have been changed. We didn't want to get into deciding what the transits mean. That's up to you!

Interpretations are provided as a hint, not absolute predictions. If you don't agree with the interpretations, you can import the calendar into your own and change the interpretations there.